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To all doubters of this world! Hey guys! I've been driving an Audi A4 1.9 TDI for 2 years and it's not new! First registration 1994, thus already 24 years old. The diesel consumption was at the beginning 5.8 litres of diesel, and I was actually satisfied with it. But I was not satisfied with the driving behaviour of the old man. The engine started to jolt terribly when driving at low speed and did not calm down at all. So I had no other choice than to adopt a more "sporty" driving style, which of course had an effect on the fuel consumption. With all these adversities after the installation of the hydrogen generator was over. Admittedly, at the first 1000 km I had already doubts that the reports about the hydrogen generator was a big fraud. But then.... suddenly the car was no longer recognizable. I felt as if something was pushing me from behind. The "jerking" had stopped completely and the engine performance was not to be compared any more with before. The fuel consumption decreased from 5.8 to 4.8 and that although I did not drive in creep mode anymore to save fuel. It's just too much fun driving my old car now. Recently I did an exhaust emission test out of interest and that was the result: K-value 0.07 (m-1) I am totally thrilled! Thank you very much for your fantastic product! Alfred Meister
Freddi MeisterAustria
You’ll it ❤ working with HHOGAS
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4.75/5 Stars

HHO Gas Testimonial 1  

Diana Küfer/ Wien

I recently purchased my DC2000 set for my Hyundai Tucson and i works fantastic. I save on my Diesel about 20% my fuelcosts and it´s still not so loud like a trekker. I love it...

HHO Gas Testimonial 2  

Benjamin Hofmann/ Duisburg

I purchased my kit 2 years ago and it´s still working well on my VW Passat 2.0 Diesel. I could reducing my fuel consumption about 24% avg. and the DC2000 kit was easily to install. Thx guys!

HHO Gas Testimonial 3  

Ildiko Kovács/ Budapest

I purchased a DC1500 kit for my Suzuki car and my husbend still installed it on the car with the instruction manual. It was first a little bit confusing, but the support from HHO-Gas was very helpful to us. Now the car is more powerful and saves too.

HHO Gas Testimonial 4  

Herbert Feldmann/ Bremen

I drive an Dodge RAM 1500 Pick Up wit hthe 5.7L HEMI engine and i purchased the DC4000 T kit for trucks. What should I say: Awesome results, because i could reduce it from about 15 - 18 L / 100km to only 10-12L / 100km - Amazing!

HHO Gas Testimonial 2  

Irma Foreman/ Texas

Fantastic! My new 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan now has an average consumption by roundabout 25 to 29 MPG. I drive the same roads, all the same as before and the car sucks not so much as before. OK, the shipping time was 20 days, but i got my kit with free shipping - and the "premium" was easy to install - for my husband :-)

Testimonial 6  

Luigi Monaci/ Ancona

Super! The Lancia from my wife goes a little better then before, save around 2L less and my mechanic had it in 2 hours installed in the car. Thanks the HHO Gas Team
Here some real installations of our HHO Generators from customers in cars and trucks
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